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Terms & Conditions

More information about our cleaning policies.


Cool Clean Services will not be held responsible for any per-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection.

These conditions may include but are not be limited to :

* Faulty or inoperable Remote Controls, Dead Batteries or Corrosion
* Faulty Circuit Boards In Evaporator or Condenser
* Deteriorated Airflow Louver Motors or Brittle Louvers or Filters due to age or Poor Maintenance
* Faulty or Deteriorated Insulation
* Faulty or Damaged Electrical Cabling or Circuit Isolating Switch
* Condensate Pump Failure where fitted.
* Removal of furniture and wall decorations to access work site is the customers responsibility. Cool Clean accepts no responsibility for damages.
* All wall mounted televisions below units must be removed from wall by customer prior to service.
*Cool Clean will not be held responsible for any damage caused by condensate leaking, in any period post service.
* Cracked covers or louvers
*Pre and Post service the customer will demonstrate the operation of the air conditioner and provide a signature indicating that the air conditioner is operating in the Pre-service manner.