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Abc Of Minisplit Maintenance

An Easy Way to Maintain Your Mini-Split System

TL;DR: In New York, ductless mini-split systems are increasingly popular for their efficiency and sleek design. Regular maintenance, including filter cleaning and professional check-ups, ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency. Basic care, outdoor unit maintenance, and troubleshooting common issues are vital. Prepare for summer by clearing outdoor units and checking filters, and winter readiness involves protecting outdoor units and scheduling professional inspections. Cool Clean AC specializes in mini-split systems, offering expert maintenance for year-round comfort. Contact us today for reliable service!


You might find it interesting that a whopping 88% of all New York housing units feature air conditioning of some type. Among the various options, ductless mini-split systems are quickly gaining popularity. This increase in use is thanks to their sleek design and the ability to cool and heat. It’s also because of how manageable they are when it comes to upkeep.

Regular maintenance can improve the system’s efficiency and cut down on your energy bills. By staying on top of simple tasks, like cleaning filters and scheduling professional check-ups, your mini-split system will work well when you need it most.

That said, let’s learn more about the ABCs of mini-split maintenance and see how to keep your system running smoothly. 

Understanding Your Mini Split System

When you have a mini-split system in your home, you’re looking at a dynamic way to control the temperature in separate spaces. These systems have an outdoor unit and one or several indoor units. You can cool or heat specific parts of your home without affecting the entire space. There are two types of mini-splits:

  • Single-Zone System. It has one outdoor unit linked to one indoor unit, perfect for targeting a single area like your home office or bedroom.

  • Multi-Zone System. It has one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, which means you can control the climate in several rooms separately.

A is For Assessing Your System’s Needs

To keep your mini-split system running smoothly, perform a monthly visual inspection of the indoor and outdoor units. You’re looking for signs that something might be amiss. Dirt buildup is a common culprit, suffocating your system’s efficiency.

Obstructions, like leaves or debris around the outdoor unit or furniture blocking the indoor unit, can severely impact performance. Also, look for signs of wear and tear, like cracks, leaks, or unusual noises that should set off your alarm bells. These checks don’t require any special tools, just your attention to detail.

Professional Assessment

While your inspections are valuable, nothing beats an annual professional assessment. A certified technician brings insight and expertise far beyond a simple visual check. During a maintenance visit, the technician will:

  • Check Refrigerant Levels. Low levels put extra strain on the unit, leading to increased energy bills and potentially shortening the lifespan of your unit.
  • Tighten Electrical Connections. Loose or damaged connections can pose a safety risk and affect the overall performance of your mini-split system.
  • Assessing System Performance. They can identify and fix potential issues, keeping your mini-split running smoothly.

B is For Basic Cleaning and Care

Dirt, dust, and other airborne particles can gather in the filters, leading to bad air quality and inefficiencies. Some research shows that having a mini-split can result in 45% less energy usage, but only if it’s working efficiently.  Regular cleaning keeps the mini-split operating at its best, not using unnecessary energy.

Basic AC maintenance includes cleaning the air filters every month. Remove the filters gently and rinse them under lukewarm water. You might need a mild detergent to remove tough grime. Let them air dry completely before snapping them back in, as wet filters can lead to mold and mildew growth inside your unit.

Clean the exterior unit with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Ensure nothing is blocking the airflow around your unit; furniture, curtains, or other household items should be at least a few feet away.

Maintaining the Outdoor Unit

Like the indoor unit, the outdoor unit can suffer from debris build-up, which hinders its performance. Make sure to remove leaves, twigs, and any other debris that could restrict airflow or get sucked into the unit

You also want to clean the unit’s exterior by gently wiping down the surface or using a low-pressure hose to wash away dirt. However, be careful not to bend the fins on the coil. The fins are delicate and can get bent easily, which impedes airflow and reduces the system’s efficiency. If you find bent fins, you can straighten them with a fin comb or call a professional if the damage seems extensive.

C is For Common Issues and Troubleshooting

You can handle many common issues your mini-split system might throw at you, but be careful. While a hands-on approach can save time, knowing when a problem is out of your league is equally important. It’s all about balancing DIY and professional intervention to keep your system running smoothly without causing more harm than good.

Recognizing Signs of Trouble

Always look for signs that your mini-split isn’t quite right. Unusual noises, strange smells, or a drop in performance are your system’s way of crying out for help. These symptoms can range from minor issues, like a clogged filter, to more severe problems that require expert attention.

For example, if your mini split starts making rattling sounds, it could be something as simple as a loose panel, which you can tighten. However, if you notice a burning smell coming from the unit, it’s time to call the pros.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your mini-split is on the fritz, try resetting the system first. This can often resolve minor glitches and involves turning your unit off and on again. Next, check for the obvious culprits. Another common issue can be a tripped circuit breaker. That is easy to fix by simply flipping the switch back.

Another frequent issue is dirty filters. Cleaning or replacing filters is a simple task that can impact the efficiency of the mini-split. These initial steps can fix a surprising number of issues, but if they don’t do the trick, it might be time to call an expert AC repairman.

Preparing for Summer

During summer, your mini-split system must be in top shape to keep your home cool. You want your system running smoothly without skyrocketing your energy bills. Your summer prep should include:

  • Checking the air filters and cleaning or replacing them if they’re dirty. 
  • Clearing the outdoor unit of leaves, dirt, or other debris that might block airflow.
  • Check the coolant levels because low levels can significantly decrease efficiency. You shouldn’t do this yourself, and a professional can help.
  • Test your mini-split before the heat sets in. You don’t want to discover it’s not working on the first hot day.

Getting Ready for Winter

Winter demands a different kind of preparation for your mini-split. A system that’s ready for cold weather can heat your home and keep you warm without issue. The steps you need to take before winter are:

  • Protect the outdoor unit from ice and snow. Consider installing a cover or shelter that allows airflow but keeps the unit clear of winter’s harsh elements.
  • Check that the system switches to heating mode and the vents are unobstructed.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit for any damage or wear that affects its efficiency.
  • Schedule a professional inspection to adjust any settings for optimal winter performance.

Keep Your Mini-Split In Good Shape

From replacing the filters to clearing the outdoor unit remains and scheduling professional check-ups, this is what it takes to keep your system running smoothly. The ABCs of mini-split maintenance don’t just prevent unexpected breakdowns. They improve its efficiency and extend its life.

The experts at Cool Clean AC in New York can help you with your AC maintenance needs. We are the first AC company that specializes in mini-split systems. We know how to clean, repair, and maintain them so they don’t fail when our customers need them the most. We’ll sanitize your units thoroughly and ensure no bacteria or foul smell is circulating in your place.

If you want to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, call us today, and let us take care of your system!

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