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Does my ductless mini-split need to be cleaned

Does my Ductless Mini-split need to be cleaned??!!

As Ductless Mini-Split systems continue to grow in popularity all throughout the United States and elsewhere, it’s important to understand what is required to maintain the optimal performance of your system. These systems are versatile, efficient and provide a great alternative to traditional forms of air conditioning and heating. You may have had your system installed a few years ago and were told that the system is “maintenance free”, besides simply cleaning the removable filters, but this has proven to be very untrue!

Ductless Mini-Splits have a filter system that allows a high airflow that helps allow for the system to be efficient but those filters also allow for a lot of particles to travel into the evaporator coil and to collect on it and the barrel fan inside the unit. In addition, the units drain pans also allow for standing moisture which contributes to mold growth inside the unit, specifically on that pesky barrel fan! When the units become dirty you may notice that the fan does not move air as well as it use to and the unit may not cool as well. You may even notice moisture spitting from the unit or a terrible “smelly sock” odor emitting from the system. This is why it is important to assure that you have a professional with proper equipment clean your system regularly. Did you know that a clean ductless system can be up to 35% more energy efficient than a dirty one?

Cool Clean Services is New York’s Premier ductless mini-split cleaner! This is all we do and we do it well! We have the specific professional and proper tools to clean your system and have it looking and running like new in a matter of no time! We come to your home with one thing on our mind; customer satisfaction! We show up on time, protect your home from any water and non toxic chemicals and then perform our premier cleaning while you sit back and relax knowing that your system is clean and operating at its peak performance by the time we leave! You will not believe the crud that will come out of your ductless system. We can do all of this better, and at a fraction of the price of the other guys because we are efficient and we have the tools to do it right!

Do you know what’s in your ductless mini-split system? Call us today and we’ll show you!

-Don’t forget to check out our Gallery to see our process and the results of a cool cleaning!

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