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I thought these were maintenance free

I thought these were maintenance free?!

The most common statement we hear from customers on the jobsite is “I thought these things were maintenance free”. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s true, most HVAC companies when installing these systems will simply tell the customer that the only maintenance that needs to be done is a simple cleaning of the filters. The reality is that these systems do not use fine filter systems and continually re-circulate the air in your home. This combined with the moisture from the condensate of the system, drain pan and any other moisture in the air, is a recipe for a dirty, moldy and possibly smelly mini-split.

This is where Cool Clean Services comes to save the day. We are NY’s first and only company that solely focuses on cleaning and hygiene of ductless mini-splits. We have the experience and professional tools to do the job safely and effectively. This is not a do it yourself task for the average homeowner to take on over the weekend. Appropriate tools and knowledge are needed to protect your home and mini-split from damage.

If your system has buildup, odor, or just doesn’t cool as well, call us today! 516-515-0124

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